Saturday, 24 November 2012

I've moved!

I have run out of space here at blogger so I have moved. Lovely followers, please come and join me here.

I will be giving out spot prizes over the next month so make sure you find me!

Saturday, 27 October 2012

Long-Term Time-Lapse

This is how my husband generally refers to my photography projects. I think he might be right, too.
My 'Afternoons in Auckland' project has been going for long enough now that changes can be seen when I walk through streets that I have photographed earlier in the year. And not just the obvious changes, like seasonal ones (although I do find those interesting too).

Here are some examples:

A tiny little weed has gone unnoticed for months, slowly shrivelling on that garden wall.

This dilapidated, but (I thought) picturesque dairy has been bowled down and replaced with nothing.

This charming letterbox (and the house and garden behind it) has also disappeared. I find this one particularly sad for some reason.  

Here are some photos from more recent walks: 

The desecration of that beautiful Jewish cemetery was upsetting to see, but the rest of the walks have been good. 

Saturday, 13 October 2012

Almost Two

I borrowed a sewing machine over the weekend to make the little bits and pieces to finish Molly's birthday present. I made some very simple bits of bedding for the retro wee pram we bought her, and I caved a little more on the year-of-handmade and bought her a spookily realistic baby doll to trundle around with.

The pillow and mattress are made from an old sheet-set that I bought a while back at our local hospice shop, and the blanket is a tiny piece of an old vintage woollen blanket that had some tea stains on it (from our local church shop!). 

So, for the gift tally: 45 mins and $1.00. 

I hope she likes her little recycled pram and new baby doll! I enjoy making things for her so much : )

Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Self-Imposed Limitations

I had another fight with my sewing machine and it is in being repaired. So, with the sewing on hold I had to find other ways of keeping up the crafting.

I decided that in the run-up to two big Christmas markets, the Grey Lynn Festival and then the Auckland Art and Craft Fair, I would make a brooch a day. The catch was that it had to be done without buying any new materials.

I dug out the pretty (but oh so messy) tails of embroidery thread and got work. These....

Became these (over the course of a week).

I am also just about done with my next knitting pattern. I am just lining up a photo shoot (and weaving in ends), so hopefully I will have that all ready to go next week. 

And, because I am trying to be healthy and motivated, there is still walking happening:

Spring and winter are still fighting each other at the moment, but I'm slowly seeing more green.

Monday, 1 October 2012


These photos from my holiday are going to be the inspiration for my new line of brooches and cushions. Keep an eye on my shop for updates! I added a few little things this morning, all made from recycled vintage fabrics, pop over and have a look, you might just find something you like!